6 June 2014

Free People: FP Movement - What Moves You?

Home is where the heart is and apparently mine is at the beach.


Being a Western Australian girl, it was only natural to gravitate towards the Free People Surf and Swim collection, or perhaps it was my inability to coordinate my body in the form of yoga or, God forbid, ballet. Since I can remember, I've always felt an affinity with our beautiful coastline. My childhood memories are brimming with ocean adventures, from playing in the white wash and building sand castles as a young kid to catching two trains and a bus on the weekend to Scarborough Beach (or Scabs, as we 'cool' kids used to call it) as a high schooler. Thankfully swimwear has become immensely more stylish since then.

So, what moves me? What inspires me? Motivates, impresses, mesmerises? What makes the beach so special to me? It's a feeling. A feeling of calm, power, rage and beauty, all of which the ocean represents. Watching, listening and sensing as the waves roll in on the shoreline has a somewhat hypnotic effect on me, quite obviously inflicting a sense of nostalgia. Both my mind and body is the most active on the coast.

Just a couple of days ago Brad and I found ourselves on the East Coast, sitting on a stony ledge in the middle of our Bondi to Bronte walk, watching the waves roll in at sunny Tamarama Beach. Before we knew it an hour had passed, both still completely transfixed by the deep blue. The Monday before that, on a chilly overcast day, I dragged one of my besties to my to-be local beach to shoot this Free People cropped rashie and bikini bottom. As the photographs probably depict, it wasn't exactly bikini weather, yet somehow I wasn't anywhere near as cold as I probably should have been. With the waves softly crashing at my feet, I felt incredibly calm.

One of the things I missed the most during my travels across Canada, apart from the lack of sunshine, was the ocean. It was then that I realised I was a true Aussie. Home is where the heart is and apparently mine is at the beach.

To me, movement on the coast is more than just walking, running or swimming; it's a connection and a lifestyle. It's about appreciating the beauty around me and feeding my soul.


  1. You are absolutely stunning!!

    What do you do to keep yourself in such great shape?

    Love the cute swimmers too, would be perfect for spring surfing!

    xx Becky

  2. Look at that itty bitty waist of yours lady!!!

  3. Yes! Scabs! I thought no one said that except me ;)
    Love your sun safe rashie, doesn't look daggy at all. And that is quite a feat.

    I experienced that exact feeling when I went to kalgoorlie and set out for a run... when I realised the beach was nowhere near! I always run to the beach! It's like... the only place I run to. I had never realised how "addicted" kind of I was til then.

    Lovely post xx

  4. this look is perfection darling! xoxo



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