29 July 2014

Holiday Mode at The Santai

Day one of The Luxe Nomad life.


I woke up with the sun this morning at The Santai with The Luxe Nomad, well before our 7:30AM wake-up call, rising to the sound of birds chirping and a light rainfall. You could say I'm a proud morning person, inheriting this precious gene from my dad and most certainly not my mum, who, like my brother, could easily sleep-in till early-afternoon all day errday.

My parents just happen to be in Nusa Dua as well, arriving in Bali just a couple of days prior to us. On Sunday at 7:00AM, Dad posted a photo from his early morning beach walk on Facebook (he's cool like that), proving once again that he bequeathed his love of mornings to me. Needless to say, by 8:30PM, we're both well and truly ready for bed, while my mum and brother are only just reaching their peak in their nocturnal state.

I type this with my feet up in the living area of The Santai, with the oversized sliding doors wide open allowing the fresh scent of rain to float inside. While a tropical downpour may not be your idea of perfect weather, it seems to have washed away the everyday stress from my body, leaving my mind relaxed and my skin positively glowing (and not just from my Bondi Sands tan or Grown Alchemist Body Oil, which I've been applying generously leading up to our summer getaway).

You can bet your bottom dollar that Brad and I will be getting creative while we're here in beautiful Bali, showcasing some of the most luxury retreats that The Luxe Nomad has to offer. You can follow the Lion in the Wild on-the-go journey on Instagram with hashtags #litwgoestobali and #nomadlife.

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  1. This looks so peaceful.
    I must say I have a really hard time getting up in the mornings but it is my favorite time.
    xx Cheyenne


  2. So gorgeous! Enjoy every moment!




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