25 July 2014

The White-on-White Trend: Is it Over?

Just as crisp as it was yesterday.


Word on the street is that white-on-white (-on-white-on-white) has been done and it ain't as fresh as it used to be. And while agree that it's an incredibly popular combination especially among us 'blogger' type, my feeling is that it's just as crisp as it was yesterday. It's an effortless palette that has the potential to transition from summer to winter, though from what I hear, what I'm wearing would classify as an appropriate summer outfit in most parts. Sorry (not sorry) ladies, it's winter.

Styled with vertical stripes and gold accents, including my very own DIY studded rope bracelet from Wander & Hunt, expect me to be sporting a little white-on-white action frequently.

What are your thoughts? Are you over the white-on-white trend?

White Fuzz Sweater (similar here) | Lace shorts (similar here) | H&M striped shirt (similar here) | Zara bag (similar here) | PeepToe heels (love these!) | Wander & Hunt DIY Rope Bracelet (see my tutorial here) | Gold rings from CIRCA and Jolie & Deen


  1. Love the look. White on white has been around a lot lately but it just looks so perfect.
    Fuzzy sweaters are my absolute favorite at the moment, even now in the summer :)
    I'm so jealous that you're wearing shorts in winter!! A warm winter for me is when I don't have to wear gloves every time I leave the house.
    xx Cheyenne


  2. Cute shorts; I wish I could wear them here in Melbourne. It's just way too cold. Although, I did go out in a skirt last weekend! haha
    -Olivia. xx



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