2 August 2014

In Winter, We Wear Pastel

A growing wardrobe of blue and pink.


This winter has seen a whirl of muted colour collecting in my wardrobe, an ode to the rise of pastel hues for the second time in the last few years. While I’ve redeveloped a soft spot for pink this year, it comes as no surprise that light blue tops the list as my favourite hue for the season. It makes complete sense that blue would in fact be my most-loved colour, seeing that my Instagram is continuously inundated by pretty blue skies and our beautiful coastline. I don’t see anyone complaining.

This means, in short, that my dotted watercolour iPhone by UKAVD cover matches with at least one thing I’m wearing. And if I’m not wearing blue, then my nails probably are. No doubt if I don’t notice the coincidental coordination, somebody will point it out (and I’ll pretend it was intentional styling).

I’m rather fond of styling sky blue in unexpected ways, usually so fresh it calls on warm spring days and an apple crumble mojito. To me, the colour belongs with white, grey or, in this case, washed neutrals. Pairing my ribbed and slightly cropped Mossman top with the perfect A-line faux-leather skirt from Lioness was a matched made in heaven (in my opinion, anyway). I felt it would be rude not to take advantage of my favourite Izoa nude heels in this combination, which are surprisingly comfortable for those asking.

Speaking of blue, I’m writing this to you high up in the sky as we fly over the Indian Ocean. Yes, a few days earlier in order to make the most of our time abroad in beautiful Bali (and continue to provide you with fabulous content!).


Mossman sky blue top | Lioness skirt | Izoa heels | H&M necklace (similar here) | UKAVD phone case | Elle Australia magazine 


  1. This is is lovely! Love the sweater and the necklace!


  2. I love this look, the lines are so clean and it's perfectly simple!


  3. Totally love you in this blue and pastels! So pretty. xx Jenelle

  4. Great outfit. These pastel colours are great, the pink - blue combination is awesome.
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  5. You look beautiful! Love the colour! :)


  6. Definitely some perfect pastels, irresistible!


  7. Love this colour combo! It's great :) xx

  8. I absolutely love the styling of this outfit! Those pastel shades go so well together— I'm obsessed with everything light blue this season! xx



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