25 April 2015

15 Things To Do in Autumn

What are your favourite things to do in autumn?


Yes, I understand that we're over half way through autumn already, but we all know that it doesn't really begin until April/May. Even as we prepare for May, the leaves are remain green(isn) and the afternoons are still warm. And so, with winter closing in, I thought I would create my very own autumn wish list; you know, the things we really aught to do before we start complaining that it's too cold. Feel me?

1. Walk through a pile of leaves. I don't know what it is, but I get so much joy out of simply feeling the crunch of orange leaves under foot. In fact, it's probably my favourite thing about autumn.

2. Picnic in a park. You'll probably need some sustenance while you're playing in that pile of leaves, so why not pack a picnic with family and friends? Plus, it's probably your last chance to soak in that warm sunshine (but then again, maybe not - we are in Australia after all).

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Shilla check coat | Bluejuice blouse | Dricoper ripped denim jeans | Black fedora hat | Oscar Wylee sunglasses | Tony Bianco booties | NARS lip pencil

3. Go on a day trip. Jump in the car and drive. Well, if you're anything like me, you'll have a thorough hour-by-hour plan of your day trip (you know, the who's, when's, where's and how's), but you get my point. Drive out to the country, visit a winery, explore a nature landmark or what ever else tickles your fancy.

4. Bake an apple pie. Or buy a frozen one from the supermarket and chuck it in the oven, like me. In saying that though, Brad is known to make delicious mini apple pies with a side of vanilla ice-cream on occasions (yeah, he's a keeper).

Autumn leaves
5. Drink a hot chai latte. I am impartial to a good chai latte and there is no better time to drink one than on that first chilly morning of the year. Warm your fingers and feel that delicious hot goodness course through your body. Yum!

6. Add to your coat collection. Isn't it strange how new coats just happen to appear in my already packed wardrobe each autumn? Weird. But seriously, even residing in Perth, I get so much wear out of all of my coats because it does actually get cold here, despite my bragging of perfect weather constantly. Truthfully, nothing gets me more excited for the impending cold weather than a snuggly new coat. I'm loving the coat collections from The Iconic and ASOS.

7. Wear your favourite pair of jeans. Yayayay! It's finally cold enough to wear my jeans again! Seriously, this is one of my favourite things about the cooler weather, AKA not shaving/tanning my legs - heh-heh-heh. Just kidding. Or not.

8. Apply an autumn nail polish colour. Look, ladies, it's time to swap those pretty pastels for rich and warm hues like a burnt orange. I also love to rep some stunning neutral hues too like these ones.

9. Try a new makeup look. I've been experimenting with my bronzer lately, using it as a more natural and smokey eyeshadow, as well as dark chocolatey hues. Do you have a favourite autumn beauty look?

10. Take a walk along the beach at sunset. Autumn has a way for beautiful sunsets thanks to it's abundance of wispy clouds, although there haven't actually been any of late, but that's not my point. There's really nothing that makes me feel more at home than being at the beach, watching the sun create a magical spectacle, except maybe a home cooked meal.

11. Add a warm blanket to your bed. It's starting to get a little chilly in the mornings ladies and gentlemen, which can only mean adding another extra layer onto your bed to convince you to press snooze just one more time (not hard, apparently). I'll have one of each of these on rotation, thank you.

12. Plan a summer escape. Yes, the cold is coming. And yes, it's the perfect time to book an escape during the cooler months to a tropical island with turquoise beaches, plenty of sunshine and delicious refreshing cocktails. I don't have to convince you, do I?

13. Light a candle. While it's not quite cold enough to cosy up in front of a fireplace, there's nothing stopping you from lighting a few scented candles.

14. Dig out your cosy socks. And wear them for a whole day. Preferably on a Sunday at home, of course. Or, if you're like me and work from home, every day of the week! Ain't nobody got time for cold feet (and I'm not talking about marriage in the slightest).

15. Review your yearly goals. Remember those resolutions you created at the beginning of the year? Yeah, me neither. But hey, we made them for a reason, so it's time to re-visit, review and reshape them. If you're anything like me, well, your year hasn't gone exactly to plan, so it's time to alter goals and make new ones.

Don't forget to share some of your favourite things to do in autumn (or fall) in the comments below


  1. This was really fun! I do love Autumn, there is something satisfying about the excitement for new season clothing, lots of denim and chilly mornings that become beautiful days. :)
    xx Jenelle

    1. Oh girl, I'm getting so excited to layer up a little more! And drink a hot chocolate in bed on a late Sunday morning, book in hand. How perfect is this weather we're having? xx

  2. I love the autumn weather so, so much! The trees are looking so lovely in my area right now. x


  3. Instead of an apple pie, maybe make an apple pie flavored cocktail? I don't know if pumpkins are associated with fall in Australia, but I always like to make pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie in the fall! Great post girl!


    1. I love that idea! I've actually had an apple pie mojito before once at L Hotel in Seminyak, Bali, and that was particularly delicious. From my knowledge, we actually don't associate pumpkins with fall/autumn here. To me, they're almost more like a winter vegetable, as it's actually not terribly cold here yet.

      Thanks for your comment lovely! x

  4. I loved this list! I am such an autumn/winter girl. I actually just got all of my winter clothes out of storage today and got so excited to unpack my coats, stockings, and knits. Would love a good soy chai right about now.

    1. Craving a chai latte right now too! I think I need somebody to wake me up with a large chai every morning, so be honest, Now that would be service! Heh-heh-heh. Enjoy your winter! x

  5. Great post, thanks for sharing!


    1. My pleasure. Thank you for commenting!

  6. You are for realz too gorgeous!

    1. Hey, right back at you gorgeous lady! x


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