3 June 2016

The Beauty Products I've Used Up

Plus, what I would and wouldn't purchase again.

I was just thinking the other day how little beauty product I actually go through. Well, that was until I discovered that my 'empties' stash was well and truly overflowing. As it turns out, I was completely and utterly wrong. So, today I want to share with you that stash in My First Empties Video, complete with my reviews and experiences. Want to know what I'd purchase again? Watch the video below!




  1. Oh, I hated how oily that eye makeup remover was! I think I gave that away! Elemis has a cool tea smell- I think it was the cleanser, but, they are pretty good! Know the feeling of finally finishing things, even if they are good! Kosmea is a good rosehip oil! Yes to that sunscreen spray! We always go through that one! So fast! I have that Antipodes hand cream but haven't opened it yet! I mean, I have at least six hand creams on the go within eye range of my desk.... then there are more. So MANY more! The thing I go through the quickest is YSL Touche Eclat! So many of them! Hourglass trio for sure!

    This was fun! xx Jenelle

    1. Oh really? It's probably my favourite eye makeup remover ever because of it's oiliness and ability to take off EVERYTHING so quickly without irritation. It just goes to show how everyone likes different things, especially skincare!

      Have an amazing weekend gorgeous! x

  2. Loved the collection of the products. I am also going to try these with my skin care products. Hope this going to be a great combo with my skin care products.

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  3. Yes, it is important to have good skin products you use. It is because skin is very sensitive part of our body and its requires care.

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