30 August 2016

The August Catch-Up: Bicycles & Bags

Our monthly conversation.

Another week, another weekly catch-up. Or is it? Well, if you're a regular around here, then you may have noticed that our usual catch-ups have been a little sporadic of late, and that is because our weekly catch-up has turned into a monthly series instead. As Lion in the Wild grows, we're constantly pushing to create the best content possible, so expect to see some very exciting articles and projects come to life very soon.

So, not only do I want to chat to you about the highlights of my August, but I also want to know about yours! Did you go on a stay-cation? Reunite with new friends? Or perhaps you achieved a personal goal?

No matter what it is, I'd love to know! After all, Lion in the Wild is all about conversation, getting to know each other and discovering new things.

1. We finally got new bicycles! After talking endlessly about how amazing it would be to reignite our childhood love for cruising around on bikes, Brad and I finally ordered a couple of seriously cool bicycles from Reid Cycles. A couple of days later and we were riding to our friends' house that, admittedly, only live a few houses up the road. Yeah, you could say we were a little overexcited.

And while I'm still getting used to having gears (I was a BMX bandit kinda' kid, ha!), the Lite bicycle in vintage blue is going to be one of my favourite companions throughout spring and beyond. Expect to see my uncoordinated riding on the @lioninthewild Instagram stories a lot. Now, if only the weather would cooperate. Bring on spring!

2. A quick overnight trip to Melbourne. This month I've partnered up with Clinique to share with you my favourite Pop Lip shades to celebrate the launch of the Matte Lip Colour + Primer. And so, I found myself in Melbourne for night to hang out with Rene Benkenstein, the Clinique International Colour Expert and all-round wonderful person, at their amazing Mix & Matte event at the very cool Ovolo Laneways hotel (they had me at all-you-can-eat lollies - yep, you heard me right!).

I learnt so much about the fabulous products and cannot wait to recreate the flawless makeup look Clinique created (pouting included!). Truth be told, I've been wearing the Clinique Pop Matte Lip Colour + Primer in the beautiful nude shade, Blushing Pop, almost everyday since!

3. A growing luxury obsession. If you follow @lioninthewild on Instagram, you'd know that I've been splurging on myself a little more than usual recently. I am a firm believer in shopping responsibly (say no to credit card debt!), which is why I've never committed to buying a designer bag, despite falling madly in-love with the Givenchy Antigona many moons ago.

That is until recently. I finally saved my hard earned pennies and splurged on the classic 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli bag from Shopbop, seeing as though I'd been carrying around a broken tote bag for the last couple of years (RIP. Zara bag - you've been faithful). Ah yes, I knew I'd done the right thing as soon as I unwrapped the satchel bag from its precious packaging.

Then, by some sort of magic, the perfectly oversized Meli Melo Thela tote in all of its tan glory was added to my growing collection. And the Zac Zac Posen Eartha Iconic Saddle bag from Revolve because, umm, who doesn't need a blush saddle bag right now? Right?! But who's counting anyway?

4. Reigniting the Sunday pamper session. I don't know whether it's because I've been so busy or it's just skipped my mind entirely, but I haven't enjoyed a pamper session in far too long. Usually, come winter, I end up soaking in a steamy bath at least once a week, but this time around I'd be pushing on twice over three-months. So, I'm making a special effort to start-up my Sunday pamper sessions again, to soak in a bath, indulge in a mask (the new Spa of the World Masks by The Body Shop are amazing, by the way) or even just paint my nails. It's the little things that can go a long way, especially when you're busy!

5. Thank you for 50K on Instagram! Last week we hit fifty-thousand amazing followers on the @lioninthewild Instagram and I could not be more grateful to absolutely everyone. Just incase you couldn't tell, I've been having an absolute blast lately, from sharing daily outfits, beauty looks and flat lays, to getting to know some truly lovely human beings that I have the pleasure of chatting with on Instagram. I'm constantly blown away by not only everyones creativity on the platform, but also their kindness. Needless to say, I adore all of you!

Wishing everybody a very lovely week! x


  1. I'm glad you've been taking the time to spoil yourself recently. Everyone needs it every once in a while! I suppose my highlight of August (and July) is starting to blog again after a long hiatus. It's been nice to have a hobby to spend my time doing during my days off from work :)

    Vanessa // www.nessngyn.com

  2. Oh I have been looking at the Reid vintage bikes for the last month! I can't decide which one I want!! They are all so gorgeous!!

    Mel x || Loads of Lifestyle

  3. These shots are so beautiful! You know how I feel about anything that captures lifestyle and fashion!! I'd love to get a bike for spring, it sounds like a nice idea. I want to see more of these bags!! Let me live vicariously through you! I have my eye on a Zac Posen one too. That will have to wait for now, because of my recent life changes! It hasn't hit me yet, but things will be a little different around here as I build up on blogging projects and hunt down a new part time job that I can actually get excited about. Letting go of the horrible job of the past, I am excited to move on!
    xx Jenelle

  4. What a beautiful bike! I think I'll have to start looking into getting one at some point - I was one of those kids who was always riding around the streets (and roller blading too! hehe) :p
    Would love to hear more about your new bags! I won't be splurging on one anytime soon but I just love watching designer bag reviews on youtube (it's a guilty pleasure)

    Lauren xx

  5. So sweet! Love your look and the pics ate some lively! Spent time with family for a few days. It was really relaxing!

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