9 December 2016

How to Create Textured Hair (Without the Frizz!)

With the new - and utterly brilliant, if I don't say so myself - Dyson Supersonic.

Well, it's officially December my friends, and that means two things: 1. It's time to put up the Christmas tree, and 2. We're all crazy busy right now. Between rushing around trying to finish work before the holidays and our super packed social calendars, there's not a whole lot of 'me' time on the cards. Heck, we barely have enough time to wash our hair, let alone style it, right? Right?! And so, today I wanted to share with you my super quick and easy textured hair routine without that unruly frizziness, which is my go-to for a night out whenever time is lacking.

1. Blow-dry hair.

After washing (or if you didn't have enough time - no judgement here - mist it with water) and spray roots with a lifting spray, blow-dry your hair. I just invested in the Dyson Supersonic, which, I can tell you, is just as brilliant as you've probably heard. Not only has it cut my hair drying time almost in half (I cannot begin to express how excited I am about this alone), but it also helps to prevent extreme heat damage, meaning my hair feels smoother and softer than ever before (AKA. goodbye frizz!).

Using the small diffuser, I blow-dry downward at the roots and then use my fingers to messily dry the rest of my mane.

2. Add some waves.

Since we don't have a lot of time here, I use either a wand or flat iron to randomly add curls, focusing mainly on the hair surrounding my face. Then, I use my fingers to brush them out lightly.

3. More texture.

The more texture, the better, if you ask me, so then I like to evenly spray some sea salt spray through my lengths. To finish off this super quick look, I use my Dyson Supersonic to, again, very roughly dry the spray, scrunching it up as I go so I only enhance the textured waves.

The best thing? It takes me less than 10-minutes, even with my super long and thick hair! Swipe on some bright lipstick and I'm ready to go!

Photography by Sharleen King and Kiara King.
Article in collaboration with Dyson Hair.


  1. Oh! I have been reading and hearing so much about these! I love that it is so compact, and they are quieter too, right? I hate the noise!
    Man, I thought my hair was getting long. HAHAHAHAHAHA nope. Yours is looking more amazing than ever! Also you have put up your tree right?! Mine's been up a while now...
    xx Jenelle

  2. Love that you can still fit a nozzle on the end of the dryer, my hair tends to frizz up if I'm not careful so this sounds great. Love your gorgeous hair!

    www.Barely There Beauty.com | British-Korean Beauty & Lifestyle blog


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