25 January 2017

3 Masks and Treatments I'm Loving Right Now

As prescribed by my go-to, My Skin Boutique.

Is there anything better than arriving home after 20-hours of travel and slapping on a hydrating face mask? No sir, no there isn't. And that is exactly what I did when we got home from Japan because, let's be honest, after sleeping on a plane overnight and missing a flight [insert crying face here], my skin was in dire need of some lovin'.

As I eagerly await my next appointment at My Skin Boutique (formerly Mademoiselle Skin Boutique) with the skin goddess, Rachael Starkie, these are the three weekly masks and treatments I'm loving right now.

1. DMK Enzyme Masque At-Home

While it's nowhere near as potent as the fortnightly Enzyme Treatment I get at My Skin Boutique, the DMK at-home Enzyme Masque is a surefire way to achieve radiant and glowing skin. Applied once weekly, the Masque is a combination of the Foamy Lift powder and Exoderma Peel, which removes dead skin cell build-up, leaving it tight and firm.

2. DMK Micro Peel and Hydrating Masque

Also applied once a week, the in-shower Micro Peel and Hydrating Masque are a match made in heaven. While the Peel removes dead skin cells, the Masque (one of my favourite ever masks!) deeply hydrates, revealing a healthy, youthful complexion. Yes, yes and yes!

3. DMK Retosin

Prescribed by my derma therapist, Rachael, Retosin is the perfect solution for my hormonal acne-prone skin. Used every 2-3 days as a lone night treatment, it exfoliates, regulates cell renewal and oil production, which in turn improves dryness and the appearance of fine lines and sun damage.

What are your current go-to masks and treatments?


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  2. I was looking for something new so definitely trying some of these! I love using green clay,try it if you haven't :)


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