4 March 2017

4 Beautiful Home Fragrances I'm Loving

Glasshouse No.5 Fleurs Musquées La Maison
Transforming and transporting.

Circa Home Honeyflower & Sandalwood, Electric Wax Warmer, Soy Melts and Reed Fragrance Diffuser
I remember when I moved out of home. I was 21-years-old, paying my first car off and saving for a two-month holiday, all while being on minimum wage. Needless to say, I didn't have any spare bank to spruce up our house into an interior designers dream. Instead, every once in a blue moon I'd treat us to a scented candle, which truly transformed the ambience of our home.

And while our furniture and decor budget has grown slightly over the years, home fragrances continue to add a little bit of luxury to each room. There's something about a scent so special that it can transport you from a house in suburban Australia to anywhere else in the world.

So, today I'm sharing with you the four beautiful home fragrances I'm loving right now, from the bedroom to the alfresco.

1. In the office. Glasshouse No.5 Fleurs Musquées. It's 6:00AM. I'm walking into the office, coffee in hand, when a sweet musky scent of neroli and orange blossoms greets me, instantly teleporting me to a sun-drenched Parisian apartment with narrow views of the Eiffel Tower, if not for just a moment. The fragrance comes from an unlit candle (it's intense) and matching room spray.

2. In the living room. Circa Home Honeyflower & Sandalwood. For me, the living area of a home should be warm and inviting, which is exactly why Circa Home's Honeyflower & Sandalwood is our scent of choice, the result of their Electric Wax Warmer and Soy Melts, and a beautiful Reed Fragrance Diffuser.

3. In the bedroom. The Aromatherapy Co. Naturals Lavender & Neroli. In the evening, just before bedtime, I like to mist the Lavender & Neroli Spray throughout our room, an oil blend that has the magical ability to not only freshen our environment, but also calm the senses, ensuring a well rested night ahead.

4. In the alfresco. Maison Blanche Pomegrate & Acai Berry. Scents aren't just limited to the interior, as Maison Blanche demonstrates so well with their Alfresco Collection. As practical as it is pretty, the scents are infused with a natural mosquito repellent. Brilliant!

I'd love to know, what are your favourite home fragrances?

The Aromatherapy Co. Naturals Lavender & Neroli Room Spray
Maison Blanche Alfresco Collection Pomegrate & Acai Berry
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