10 March 2017

How I Keep My Super Long Hair Healthy

White playsuit romper, red head, rebecca mink off bag
From the shoulders to the waist in a just a few years.

White playsuit romper, red head, rebecca mink off bag
Two questions I get asked all the time? Are you a natural redhead? Yes. And, how do you keep your hair so healthy? Today I'm going to be answering the last one for you, based on my personal experience. Truth be told, keeping long hair healthy requires a mixture of commitment, patience and good genetics (my mum had waist length hair until her 40s!). So, today I wanted to share with you the things you can do to achieve long, healthy hair.

1. Regular trims (no regrets!). I used to have a long bob, so when I decided to grow it out, I didn't visit a hair dresser in over two-years. Yikes! When I finally started visiting my go-to Perth salon, Harper Hair Studio, my hair was pretty much swimming in split ends. Taliya, AKA. my hair god fairy, convinced me to chop off a good few inches that day and I've never looked back. Since then, I go back to Harper Hair once every couple of months (or as much as possible) for a trim, which means less breakage and longer hair. Woohoo!

2. The best hair treatment you'll ever use. I've told you how much I swear by the professional Olaplex treatments I get at Harper Hair before, as well as the at-home treatment I use between visits. In short, Olaplex has the magical ability of repairing and strengthening hair. The stuff is pure genius.

3. Be a lazy hair washer. What I really mean is, avoid over washing your hair. I usually wash my hair about three times a fortnight, which not only means less time spent on my hair, but also allows those really good natural oils to work wonders on my scalp and hair. Don't be afraid of dry shampoo.

4. At-home lovin'. I'm addicted to hair masks, leave-in treatments, oils and serums, and my go-to right now is the Goldwell Kerasilk and Dualsenses ranges. They keep my hair silky smooth, and also protects it from any heat styling.

5. Go natural. I try to wear my hair in it's wave, natural state as much as possible, but I do like to wear it straight or with a bouncy curl. I make sure I limit my heat styling to once a wash, if that, and use quality products to reduce heat damage (you already know how much I swear by my Dyson Supersonic!).

What do you do to keep your hair healthy?

I'm wearing: Playsuit from Princess Polly, Zara blazer, Janessa Leone hat, Rebecca Minkoff bag and Acne Studios Jensen boots.

Photography by Sharleen King.

White playsuit romper, red head, rebecca mink off bag

White playsuit romper, red head, rebecca mink off bag
White playsuit romper, red head, rebecca mink off bag


  1. I'm quite lucky that my hair grows fast and looks healthy which i think has a lot to do with living a healthy lifestyle. These are wonderful tips and its not denying that your hair looks amazing- i really need to take on tip 3 and stop washing my hair every other day although it's hard when I work out regularly perhaps I need to finally invest in dry shampoo haha


  2. I'm a lazy washer too and I think it had greatly increased my hairs health, I also air dry for my natural wave which it seems to love too. Just wondering what products you use for your natural wave?

  3. Thanks for the tips! I also try not to wash my hair too often but I'm really bad about getting regular trims!

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