23 May 2017

My Everyday Morning Routine with Cluse

Coffee and cuddles included.

Mornings, for me, are incredibly important, as they have the ability to set-up the day ahead in the best possible way. There's no better time to get excited for a new day full of possibilities (sorry, but you already knew I was a morning person - heh-heh-heh)! I have been getting so many requests lately to share with you my everyday morning routine, so I've teamed up with Cluse to do just that (a perfect collaboration considering I wear their watches all day, everyday, right?!).

5:45AM. My alarm goes off. I currently wake-up to Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone, but I barely get passed the five second mark of acoustic goodness before I press snooze. Since it's almost winter, I allow myself an extra nine minutes of cosy warmth before I begin my day (what a treat - ha!).

5:54AM. My alarm goes off. Again. And if I'm really good or Brad has made me a coffee (more than likely the latter), I'll actually wake-up this time.

6:00AM. I just swapped my morning workouts for an evening session (again, the cold of winter isn't exactly motivating), so I do the thing everyone says you shouldn't; I check my phone (you know, emails, Instagram, the usual). Oh, and a forced cuddle from Indi the Fur never goes unappreciated either.

6:30AM. With my bed made, it's time to get ready for the day ahead. I brush my teeth, complete my simple morning skincare routine and apply makeup (if any at all). During the week, I like to keep things simple with a hydrating, light and natural base, strong brows and a pop of colour for the lips.

7:00AM. One glance at my Cluse watch (I'm wearing my La Bohème Rose Gold and Grey timepiece today) tells me it's time to start work for the day. As a freelance creative, most days I work from the home office, where I'll check and update the day's to-do list, and then begin my tasks.

8:30AM. I don't eat until I'm hungry and usually that's around mid-morning. If I feel like something sweet, I'll enjoy a bowl of yoghurt and muesli, or if I'm craving something savoury, I'll often quickly whip up scrambled eggs with turmeric and a slice of wholemeal bread. I often eat breakfast at the desk, especially if I have a lot of looming deadlines.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my everyday morning routine! I'd love to know, what is your favourite part of your AM?

I'm wearing: Cluse La Bohème Rose Gold and Grey watch, Homebodii pyjamas and Forcast off-the-shoulder top.

Photography by Sharleen King.
Article in collaboration with Cluse Watches.


  1. I also get up early. The alarm clock rings at 5.55. Just 5 minutes to nap and morning toilet. The day starts with a mug of green tea. Quick makeup, clothes and I'm already running into the office. It's best to walk because 20 minutes of a quick morning walk adds energy for the whole day.
    Have a nice day

  2. Love these photos!


  3. Cute blog post! I agree, working out in the morning during winter is so hard to be motivated!


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  7. Oh Big jet planes is my favorite song ever!!
    Love your routine!!
    Beauty By Lynmed

  8. That's one great morning routine! Also, where's your bed frame from?



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