1 May 2017

The Dramatic One-Shoulder Ruffle Top

Hello Parry ruffle top, GRLFRND Helena jean, XNihilo clutch,
Pretty surprises.

Hello Parry ruffle top, GRLFRND Helena jean,
Over the past 12-months I've surprised myself immensely, time and time again. Growing up as a skateboarding tomboy, you can imagine how not me blush pink, floral prints and peplum sleeves were once (I wouldn't have been caught dead in anything deemed 'pretty', much to my mother's dismay), and yet all have made it into my wardrobe with enthusiasm.

And now, the dramatic layered frill has also made the unexpected list. Sure, the light blue stripes and oversized bonded ruffles are as feminine as it gets around here (depending on your definition of the word, of course), but when paired back with some relaxed boyfriend jeans and chunky mules, the piece is completely transformed. I mean, c'mon, you must know by now how much I love mixing the pretty with the tough, right?

There was something about the way this exaggerated off-the-shoulder top made me feel when wearing it too, like somehow it had given me superpowers to be a total girl boss. That's the thing about fashion; it may initially seem as a physical thing only, but it has an incredibly ability to allow you to be exactly who you want to be. Sometimes I want to be a total laid-back, chilled woman, so I don a boyfriend tee and some super casual denim (actually, this is me most of the time). And other times I need to feel empowered and confident with a statement piece that says, "Here I am, this is me, ready to take on the day!".

Speaking of being a girl boss, I'm super excited for the week ahead. We've got a bunch of amazing collaborations in the works, as well as a few travel adventures approaching very soon, so I'm going to be knuckling down this week, ideating, conceptualising and planning as much as possible (three of my favourite things!). My goodness, I cannot wait to finally share them with you!

For now though, it's time to make myself another cappuccino (standard) and move my office outside so I can enjoy the warm autumn sunshine!

I'm wearing: Hello Parry ruffle top, GRLFRND jeans, Lovers + Friends belt, XNihilo clutch bag and Jo Mercer mule heels.

Photography by Brad Jarman.


Hello Parry ruffle top, GRLFRND Helena jean, XNihilo clutch, Jo Mercer mule heels
Hello Parry ruffle top, GRLFRND Helena jean, XNihilo clutch, Jo Mercer mule heels
Hello Parry ruffle top, GRLFRND Helena jean, XNihilo clutch,


  1. Absolutely stunning :D That top is so awesome and unique!!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  2. Love the top but seriously THOSE JEANS! What a cut and fit -amazing-

    Sarah | More Than Adored

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