27 September 2017

4 Structured Little Black Dress Styles

Fame and Partners dress, Fendi sunglasses, Status Anxiety Plunder bag, black patent boots
Feminine power dressing at its finest (not including the 1980s, of course).

Fame and Partners dress, Fendi sunglasses, Status Anxiety Plunder bag
There's nothing quite like a classic little black dress to add a little confidence to your stride, is there? Perhaps that's why my closet has never said no to a new black addition. or perhaps it's due to their day-to-night versatility and timeless appeal. I mean, I've practically worn every LBD I've ever owned to death.

Lately though, it's the structured styles I've been donning over and over again. After all, I never could say no to power dressing (yeah, #girlbosses!).

Here are the structured LBD styles I'm loving right now.

The Tailored Tuxedo Dress

I'm not going to lie, this style has been a go-to of mine for many a season, but none more than now. Sleeved or sleeveless, the blazer style dress is chic from the moment you throw it on. As soon as I spotted this number from Fame and Partners, I knew it had to be apart of my wardrobe. It's more versatile than I thought possible; you can wear it as a dress or a blazer, with a pair of cropped trousers or your favourite jeans.

The Dramatic Frill Dress

I love a big frill as much as the next fashionista, and you know what? They're just as fabulous an addition on an LBD, especially when it adds structure. I'm digging this one-shoulder dress in all of its ruffled detail glory.

The Textured Lace Dress

Sure, lace isn't something you usually think of as 'structured', but it most certainly can be. The high neckline, fitted bodice and lines of the mesh make this little black dress a fabulous statement (just imagine it styled with a pair of heeled boots and a biker jacket!).

The Long Sleeve Dress

I'm not usually one to rock a bodycon dress, but add some long sleeves and I'm totally down for that. I adore the fishnet layer on this super affordable black dress, but if you're wanting to splurge, you can't go wrong with Balmain.

I'm wearing: Fame and Partners dress, Fendi sunglasses,
and Nude Footwear boots.

Photography by Brad Jarman.


  1. You look great! The black dress is a true must-have in the wardrobe.

  2. This dress was made for you! I'm absolutely loving these sleeves. I couldn't agree more too - black dresses are the best things for your wardrobe because you literally wear them until they are falling apart, hehe.

    Ashleigh x

  3. I love black stuff, I always feel safe and smart in them. Probably 75 percent of my closet is black. I also love to watch new, intriguing and original styling in dark colors and And you are the champion in creating great styling.

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