19 October 2017

5 Everyday Moments Celebrating Friendship with Cluse

Even when you're not together.

I'll be the first to admit that as I get older, it's harder to catch-up with my friends as much as I used to. We all have careers, bills to pay, countries to travel and some even with a family of their own; a far cry from our student days when any time not studying or working our part-time jobs were spent together. Despite this, I've never been closer with the fabulous females in my life, as we grow and support each other through the stages of our lives.

To celebrate the launch of the incredibly chic Cluse x Negin Mirsalehi Limited Edition Gift Box (AKA. my new favourite rose gold watch set, hands down) and spreading the love with our besties, I'm sharing with you six ways to cherish your friendships everyday, even when you're not together.

1. Create a friendship mood board. Who else's childhood bedroom was covered in photos of their friends? My 'adult' version is a mood board and since I'm always creating new inspiration boards for my office, this month I incorporated my favourite photos of my besties, beautiful mum and I, 'cause they're the most inspirational people I know.

2. Spontaneous phone calls. That last all night. Or all morning. Or all day. The amount of times I find myself snuggled up in bed or pacing up and down my house on the phone to my mum (who I speak to or see almost every single day, despite living an hour apart) or best friend is a testament to our friendship, no matter how far apart.

3. Reminisce over the good times. Chuck on some headphones, listen to that song you and your bestie danced to at that festival and flick through an album or three. And yes, my rose gold Cluse Minuit Mesh Watch from the Cluse x Negin pink box matches my tech, headphone and all (cute!).

4. Invite your bestie over for a night in. If you're anything like me, you'd take a night in any day of the week (Friday and Saturday included!). Eat your favourite food (donuts, duh), watch a chick flick or talk all night; now that sounds like my idea of the perfect evening.

5. My wardrobe is your wardrobe. Sharing clothes and shoes and accessories (Cluse watches included) with your friends is pretty much standard. Hands off my Cluse x Negin Mirsalehi Limited Edition set though - and the luxuriously soft pink velvet strap - or you'll ruin my gift.

I'd love to know, how do you celebrate your friendships?

including the Rose Gold Minuit Mesh Watch and extra velvet strap,
Elka Collective long sleeve top and Zara studded skirt.

Article in collaboration with Cluse.
Photography by Sharleen King.


  1. The most important thing is to spend time with friends, meetings and conversations as long as you need them. It is also important to remember important dates such as a name day, birthday or other important date for a friend. A small gift without occasion is also very pleasant to the recipient and his nice smile for you.
    A cool idea is also a joint trip for a weeked only with a friend.

  2. Some great tips for practice as we at times get so consumed forgetting our loved ones xx

  3. Wonderful pics!<3

  4. Ahh as always love all your photography! and now i also want a donut :P

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  5. Great tips dear, Love your photography. Very impressed with this post <3 I have taken a picture of serums from your blog. I have given your blog link below the pic. Hope you will not mind it <3

  6. Beautiful watch is so elegance

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