3 October 2017

The Ultimate Luxury Pamper Session At Home

Charlotte Tilbury, skincare, cosy home interior
Champagne, strawberries and Charlotte Tilbury.

Charlotte Tilbury, skincare, Charlotte's Magic Cream
It seems as though so many of my posts of late have paid homage to relaxed moments of solitude and making the most of our 'ordinary' everyday lives. In truth though, even I find it challenging to not only make time to do these things, but also do them without my laptop open (or at the bare minimum, my phone).

In order to achieve this leisurely tranquility, I decided to create the ultimate at-home pamper session with a luxurious twist. And the best thing? It was all for me (though a girls' night never went astray). I figured, hey, if I give myself a task (trial beauty products) during my evening of indulgence, then I might forget about my beckoning to-do list.

With a shiny collection of Charlotte Tilbury's rose gold jars, tubes and packets, a glass of champagne and fresh strawberries, I did just that. It was a success, and I only half attribute it to the chocolate truffles.

Before getting cosy, I used the Charlotte Tilbury Genius Eye Make-Up Remover and cleansed with the Multi-Miracle Glow, which can be used as a cleanser, mask and balm. I was somewhat skeptical of this multiple-use product at first, but it quickly found its place amongst my daily skincare lineup after leaving my skin silky soft.

Settled on the couch in my Charlotte Tilbury pink satin gown, it was time to finally try the Goddess Skin Clay Mask, which I'd heard amazing things. Ten-minutes, a few sips of Veuve Clicquot and a couple of strawberries later, and my skin was lapping up my new at-home pamper session. The non-drying, super hydrating formula is the perfect smoothing, firming and plumping before-makeup mask (or just because - who needs an excuse for a face mask?).

The finishing touches of my luxury night in (no, it's not the champagne, you devil you) are the ultra moisturising Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue and Charlotte's Magic Cream, which makes my skin super glowy and dewy, just the way I like it.

With my luxury skincare pamper session wrapped up (after applying some of the Multi-Miracle Glow balm to my cuticles, elbows and knees - told you it's that good!), I decide to snuggle up for the night with a magazine, more chocolate (duh!) and Netflix flickering away in the background. Well, I think I'll just book myself in for another pamper session next week. Who's coming?!

Photography by Sharleen King.

Charlotte Tilbury, skincare, cosy home interior
pink satin robe,
Charlotte Tilbury, skincare, cosy home interior
Charlotte Tilbury, skincare, flat lay, Miracle Night Cream
Charlotte Tilbury, skincare, Goddess Skin Clay Mask, Multi-Miracle Glow
Charlotte Tilbury, skincare, cosy home interior


  1. Amazing pics and thanks for sharing!<3

  2. Home relaxation in solitude is the best. Delicate candle, a glass of wine, strawberries and fine quality cosmetics. The mask and warm bath is a great luxury that you can prepare yourself when you need for much less money than SPA.
    I love your pictures. Kisses.

  3. The skincare range all sounds amazing! I'll come next time! Love the pink satin robe! So pretty on you. Must do one of these nights myself, such a fun idea.

    xx Jenelle

  4. Ah, I am the same - I'm terrible at finding time for myself. This Charlotte Tilbury range looks and sounds amazing though! X

  5. Great pics, thanks for sharing!<3

  6. That definitely looks like the perfect pamper night, everybody loves a bit of CT's! Xx

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

  7. Cozy and confi treatment night! Wonderful!

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