21 December 2017

Straw Hats, Floral Dresses and Havaianas

Girl on a mission.

Alas, I'm a last-minute Christmas shopper. Presents, wrapping, food, cards, decorations; no list is left complete before Christmas Eve. 🙊 But, I'll give myself credit where credit is due, I'm extremely efficient in the I-can-shop-it-all-within-a-few-hours kinda' way.

How-oh-how is that even possible, you might ask? Firstly, I have lists and back-up plans for everything (and everyone). And secondly, I wear really comfy footwear. Credit for that goes to my summer must-haves, Havaianas, of course. As you can probably tell from my Instagram life feed, I'm all about my Havis this summer, whether I'm exploring the pristine beaches of the South West, running errands (AKA. searching for coffee) or doing my Christmas run-around. What can I say? Comfort is key.

I've always maintained a collection of Havaianas in my summer shoe staple (I've had my classic navy blue pair for almost a decade and they're still going strong!), but this season I've amped it up with the black Flash Urban sandals. Same ability to walk a hundred miles, different yet chic aesthetic. Sold.

Now, you can just imagine me running around the city in the early morning, ticking off one present at a time, admiring the beautiful decorations that adorn the streets and not-so-secretly craving a[nother] large cappuccino. It's a sight to behold. Girl is on a mission. 😂

Needless to say, I'm thoroughly looking forward to putting my feet up over the holiday break, watching my family get excited over prettily wrapped presents and indulging in some serious down time with all my parents' delicious Christmas lunch leftovers. After all, it's the least we deserved after the pre-Christmas mad rush around. Who's with me?!

I'm wearing: Havaianas Flash Urban sandals in Black, Keepsake Botanic Floral dress, Lack of Color straw hat, Oroton clutch bag, Jules Smith gold choker, Samantha Wills gold necklace, Cluse watch and Cloverpost anklet.

Article in collaboration with Havaianas.
Photography by Brad Jarman.


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