28 February 2018

Home is Where the Heart is with CLUSE

Also known as Indi the Fur(st).

The last two-and-half-weeks have been pure bliss (aside from a frustrating virus I seem to have caught – but aside from that 😅). I've been at home, catching-up on work, finishing a few projects for clients, adding a new CLUSE watch with modern rose gold case and sweet pink strap, and a few of rose gold jewels to my collection (oops!), and spending lots of time with family and friends, before jetting off again on our next adventure. Since when did a couple of weeks straight at home become a long time? Le sigh!

I've told you a zillion times that I'm a massive homebody. I just love being at home, surrounded by our familiar interior, the scents of home and, most of all, my loved ones. The best part? Spending time with my fur baby, Indi, the incredibly fluffy rag doll that has stolen my heart over the past five-years (don't worry, Brad knows of our love – or at least my love for her 😂).

Last month I teamed up with CLUSE to share with you my love story, but this time I wanted to share another kind of love; one of companionship and snuggles and family. Fine – *forced snuggles. 😒 Truth be told, home just wouldn't feel the same without her and her little attitude. Her big blue eyes make leaving that much harder, whether for travel or work (or as it goes, a combination of both), but arriving home so much sweeter.

What can I say? Home just isn't home without her and her ever-moulting coat of fur. You should've seen this head-to-toe black outfit after she made herself at home on my lap in the office! I was covered in her fine white fur. Ha-ha-ha! I guess that's what I pay for a smooch or three. And it's totally worth it, every time.

And now, it is time for me to stop writing and start packing, 'cause we're off on another adventure this week! I have no doubt that Indi is going to get crazy spoilt while we're away by my parents (even my dad has a soft spot for my fur monkey!), who we're so lucky to have to ensure she gets her fare share of chin rubs. And yes, I do request multiple photos of her everyday. If you want to see what we're getting up to, you know the drill – make sure you follow along on the @lioninthewild Instagram!

I'd love to know about your fur babies! Tell me about them in the comments below! ❤️

Shilla one-shoulder top, Forever New skinny jeans and Sportsgirl mule slides.

MINKPINK off-the-shoulder top, and Abrand blue denim jeans.

Photography by Sharleen King.
Article in collaboration with CLUSE.


  1. You can do a million things, but you always come to your home with pleasure. I do not know how our furry animals do that they can take over our hearts.
    Safe trip.

  2. What a cute kitten!<3

  3. Your cat is so cute!


  4. Such a gorgeous cat! My cat loves to sit on me only when I'm doing something important to my laptop - many blog post drafts have had her contributions from walking across the keyboard!

    Chloe x

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  7. Nice job


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