24 February 2018

My #1 Secret For Long Healthy Hair

Harper Hair Subiaco, Lion in the Wild, Kiara King, French girl bangs, modern fringe, red hair balayage
Spilling the beans.

Harper Hair Subiaco, Lion in the Wild, Kiara King, French girl bangs, modern fringe, red hair balayage
As I walk through the door, I'm trying to remember how long I've been going to my amazing hairdresser. Was it 2016? Has it already been two-years? That is until I'm distracted by the cutest puppy greeting me at the door. His name is Charlie and his curls get the girls. Really though, this labradoodle has the most impeccable coat, which isn't surprising considering.

And this is the moment I spill my number one secret for my long, healthy hair (otherwise I'll continue to gush over the puppy – #sorrynotsorry). Three words: Harper Hair Studio. This Subiaco hairdressers are the ones responsible for my thick mane. Oh, and Mum and Dad – thanks for the great hair genes, guys!

Taliya comes over and I give her a reluctant hug 'cause I just wanna play with Charlie. Again, #sorrynotsorry. Taliya is the fabulous owner of my Subiaco hairdressing salon and I haven't seen her since last year, despite her grilling me to get regular trims. She loves me, really. And I admire her because she's not only a talented hairdresser, but an amazing local businesswoman who has built something truly special.

Now, don't get me wrong, I go to the Subiaco hairdresser for the hairdressing, I really do, BUT the coffee is so good. It's like they truly understand my craving for a delicious cappuccino as soon as I sit down. You know me so well.

After a few sips, we begin talking about what we want. I say 'we' because I genuinely trust Taliya's opinion. I don't usually do a lot to my signature long red hair – it's usually just balayage, a treatment and trim – but on this occasion I've decided to do something a little different. I want French-girl bangs. I sent Taliya reference images before our appointment, even though she was the one who put the idea in my head during my previous visit. The woman knows what she's doing. I'm really excited.

Before I know it, my hair is being curled to perfection with Taliya's signature tousled wave technique (it's mesmerising to watch - see the @harperhairsubiaco Instagram for #inspo). With a fresh and natural-looking balayage put through the ends, a Wellaplex treatment and trim, my hair has never looked so healthy, glossy and full of life. Watch out Charlie, this 'do might even trump yours.

I'll admit, my favourite thing about this whole process is walking out the door (despite the beautiful airy interior of Harper Hair Studio – and the puppy, of course) and feeling the wind through my hair. And, that's right, I have bangs now! I'm French-girl chic and I'm going to strut myself all the way down the road.

So, there you have it ladies (and gentlemen), that's my number one haircare secret; a fabulous hairdresser that not only know healthy hair – and uses Wellaplex and Olaplex – but also YOU. If you're Perth-based or ever find yourself on the West Coast, treat yourself to a little lovin' at Harper Hair in Subiaco and book me in too!


  1. Oh the bangs look so cute on you! Lucky you that you found such a good hairdresser that you love and trust as well, I still struggle to find a hairdresser that I love!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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  3. Your hair are perfect. A good hairdresser is a treasure.


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