7 February 2018

Now is the Time to Start Your New Years Resolutions!

Lion in the Wild, Kiara King, travel blogger, Sydney, New South Wales, Palm Beach
Spilling my 8 New Years Resolutions, if you're into that kinda' thing.

Lion in the Wild, Kiara King, travel blogger, Sydney, New South Wales, Sydney sunrise
Look, as far as January goes, it is my personal belief that it is a terrible month to start New Years Resolutions. Don't get me wrong, anytime is a good time to begin working towards your goals, but in a month that's filled with post-holiday craziness, I prefer to go guns blazing in February when our everyday lives have commenced again. Case in point? I worked out zilch during the first 31-days of 2018. ­čśĆ And I don't even feel bad about it.

Side note: If you're one of those wonderful human beings that hits some serious goals in January, please feel free to divulge all of your secrets in the comments below. I salute you.

Even if you have already begun working on your resolutions – you go girl/boy! – then now is the perfect time to reassess. If you've strayed from your goals, try again. Take a breather. Be realistic. Fail lots. Learn more. I suppose you could say that, for me, January is a trial month; a month to not only detox, but get excited for the year ahead.

With that said, here are my belated 2018 New Years Resolutions, you know, if you're into that kinda' thing.

1. Be active, be consistent. Let's get the most clich├ę of resolutions out of the way first, shall we? Last year, I actually managed to workout fairly consistently and be my healthiest I've ever been in my adult life. I realised that, while I did the casual hard hitting workouts, what I really enjoyed was doing outdoor activities. I don't have a gym membership, but I love hiking, swimming, snowboarding, skateboarding and exploring the great outdoors. So, my biggest emphasis this year is to do more of that (like we did on the Mazda Summer Escape in our Mazda CX3 – pictured). Be fit and healthy, and actually enjoy it.

2. Make creativity fun. I want to PLAY again. Do you remember when days were all about painting and scrapbooks and drawing and building and making and having fun? I'll have more of that, thanks. I began Lion in the Wild as a creative outlet after I'd finished my Bachelors Degree and while I'm so grateful that it has become a huge part of my job, I also need to start putting an emphasis back on just being creative for the sake of being creative. Do you know what I mean? Girls' just wanna have fun.
Lion in the Wild, Kiara King, travel blogger, Sydney, New South Wales, Sydney Harbour Bridge

Lion in the Wild, Kiara King, travel blogger, suitcase flat lay
3. Take yo' vitamins. Nourishing my body with fresh, healthy and delicious food is what I'm all about (chocolate is good for you, right?), but as somebody who experiences stress regularly, I've decided to add a few vitamins and supplements to my daily intake. I actually used to take the Swisse Women's Ultivate like clockwork, which is my go-to for energy production and stress relief. At the moment, I'm also taking the Swisse Hair Skin Nails+ and the Evening Primrose Oil, which have easily slipped into my morning routine.

4. Take real time off. Can you believe it? I took off almost 2-weeks over the holidays and it was glorious. While I'm definitely someone that runs on momentum, I've learnt that taking real time off is so incredibly important for not only your own wellbeing, but also relationships and work. And I've already booked a couple of holidays throughout the year as an excuse to do so!

5. Say 'yes' more. I understand this is very contradictory to the 'no' trend right now, but I've decided this is the year I step outside of my comfort zone and embrace opportunities. Last year, I filmed a series with Chandon in Sydney for Vogue.com.au and it was such an incredible experience. This week, I'm filming a national TV commercial with one of my all-time favourite beauty brands (make sure you follow me on the @lioninthewild Insta Stories for behind-the-scenes sneak peeks) and I'm so excited. I want to push myself to do new things, expand my skillset and have fun doing it.

6. Read more, watch less. I Love Netflix. You love Netflix. We all love Netflix. BUT there was a time when I spent my nights on the couch reading, not watching, and it's so much more satisfying. So, in 2018 I vow to become a bookworm once again, 'cause it's so flipping good for the mind and soul.

7. Be more waste conscious. In 2017, Brad and I consciously worked to reduce our household waste. We shop for fresh produce at our local market, opting for re-usable bags and cardboard boxes over plastic, and very rarely have any food related waste. We're genuinely trying to educate ourselves so that we can make even the teeniest, tiniest impact on the health of our planet and its beautiful creatures. We are by no means perfect or anywhere close, but I think even the smallest of changes to our lifestyle is detrimental.

8. Start our next venture. Brad and I have some pretty big plans outside of the blogosphere for 2018, and I can't wait to finally bring them to life.

What are your New Years Resolutions? Inspire me! ❤️

Location: Palm Beach and Sydney, NSW.
Photography by Brad Jarman and Kiara King.

Lion in the Wild, Kiara King, travel blogger, Sydney, New South Wales
Lion in the Wild, Kiara King, travel blogger, Sydney, New South Wales


  1. I want my life to change this year. I break up with toxic work, where it is awfully. I started to take care of my health, eat healthy, now it's time to bring my body to a cool look. This year I have a ball of travel plans, I also want to expand my blog.
    For us, cleanliness of the environment is very important, we make sure that the rubbish will leave as little as possible, because a clean and healthy environment is healthy for us.
    Have a nice day.

  2. YES to so many of these!! Reading more, being key! What are you reading? I just placed my latest book order, having made my way through the January delivery already!! I can not believe I finished 7 and a half books in one month, but I haven't felt this properly rested, calm or mentally switched on in such a long time. Going without watching something on Netflix has actually made the times I do sit down to watch something more exciting, in a way. The Chandon project was so cool! I love Cl├ęmence Po├ęsy too. I think I used to re-share endless photos of her outfits on Tumblr waaaay back in the day and they are still some of my favourite looks years on. There are just so many incredible French women! Caroline de Maigret, Lou Doillon, Camille Rowe, Vanessa Paradis all incredible! Plus Jane Birkin and Charlotte Rampling who I always think of as honorary French women! Love that campaign! Can't wait to see how your trip/ shoot goes today.
    xx Jenelle

  3. Loved this post!


  4. Love the pics!!!<3

  5. Love your resolutions! I completely agree about January, definitely a trial month haha!

    Chloe x

  6. Re: Resolution #7 - You should probably consider going vegan then (if you aren't already). The agricultural industry has such a massive effect on the environment that even if you recycled everything (which research shows isn't as helpful or immediate as everyone thinks), took shorter (and less) showers, etc etc, it still wouldn't be enough to match how much you'd be helping by not consuming (not just in the sense of eating - but buying) anything animal-related. Also, driving around everywhere (and advertising it) and flying all the time (and advertising that too) is terrible for the environment. Jussayin.


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