Oh, hey. I’m Kiara, a twenty-something lover of cappuccinos, unusually furry cats and organising stuff. And Japanese food. And oversized sweaters. And hat collections. Okay, okay, you get the point. As it turns out, I also like creating things, which is half the reason I began Lion in the Wild way back in 2011 (where has time gone?!).

I had just graduated university with a BA in Design (Creative Advertising Design) and I desperately needed a creative outlet. So, Lion in the Wild began, in all of its humble default layout glory. And then, in between work and travel, the craziest thing happened; my little space on the internet kinda’ grew. All of a sudden, it was taking me around the world, where I was creating and collaborating with global brands including Dior, L’Oreal Paris, Estée Lauder, CLUSE, Pandora, Nike and Mazda, to name but a few.

It was like my childhood of writing stories, sketching outfits, skateboarding (a lot), getting lost in novels and creating my very own fashion magazine with folded A4 bits of paper (genius, really) was starting to pay off. Well, maybe not the skateboarding part, but it still counts. I had somehow combined all the things I loved as a kid and made them ‘adult-y’.

Monday’s have transformed into an exciting opportunity for a whole new week ahead of conceptualising, developing, refining, producing and sharing (not without a large cappuccino, of course!). Sure, my ‘professional’ job description includes a combination of creative director, digital consultant and entrepreneur, but truth be told, I’ll always be the Lion in the Wild.



Since its humble beginnings as a personal blog in 2011, Lion in the Wild has transformed into a creative platform publishing articles covering style, beauty, travel and life. With a growing community of over 200,000 strong (and stylish!), founder and creative director, Kiara King and her team are constantly pushing the boundaries to create high quality, engaging and personable content to not only inform, but inspire her readers.

Its feminine. Its edgy. Its aspirational, intelligent and personal.

Welcome to the new era of Lion in the Wild.


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