Introducing: Our NEW Weekly Vlogs!


Location: Perth, Australia
Photography and videography: Brad Jarman

I cannot believe it has been a year since we filmed our last vlog. WHAAAT?! Where has time gone? We thoroughly enjoyed filming and editing the videos, but time ended up getting the better of us, or lack thereof, and thus came the end of our so-called weekly vlogs. Or at least for the time being.

Over the past 12-months our lives have been manic in the best possible way. I’ve travelled to 16 countries, filmed two commercials, collaborated with numerous brands that I absolutely adore and, to trump all of that, married my best friend. Needless to say, I wish we’d had the time to vlog it, but that’s exactly why we’re back.

As we touch on in the video below, there’s two reasons we’ve decided to relaunch the Lion in the Wild YouTube channel:

  1. Personal reasons. One thing I don’t talk a lot about with you is that Brad and I have spent too much time apart over the last year, mostly for work. As we both forged ahead in our careers, we were travelling for work more and more. We found ourselves rewatching our old vlogs, reliving the amazing experiences we’ve had, making our physical distance a little easier to bare. Even if no-one watches them, it’s seriously awesome just for us to be able to remember those moments together.

  2. Let’s get to know each other! You all know how much I love Instagram. It’s a fantastic source for curated inspiration, but there’s no doubting our feeds are jam-packed full of ‘perfect’ moments. We decided that we really want to show you another side of us that you perhaps don’t get to see, except for on the odd Insta Stories post. At the end of the day, I’m not perfect. Not even close. And I’m totally cool with that. I want you to see our personalities, our special quirks, my bellowing laugh, a double chin here and there (aka. every frame, let’s be real here), imperfect conversations and tongue-tied moments; the real life of Brad and Kiara. With that said, we want to get to know YOU as well, so let’s share our videos, our moments, our lives.

The Lion in the Wild YouTube channel is also going to be embracing its roots, so be prepared to indulge in a lot of good old-fashioned beauty and fashion content too (stay tuned for this weekends’ humungous makeup/skincare/homewares/fashion unboxing!). Be sure to give our videos a thumbs-up if you want to see more and subscribe to our channel – I’ll adore you forever.

Can you tell I’m excited? ‘Cause I am! And I really hope you are too. ❤️