A Perfect Morning in the French Riviera


LOCATION: Nice, France

Good morning from our perfect little balcony in the French Riviera! Just kidding. I’m back home in Perth, and instead of waking up to views of the picturesque Port de Nice, it’s an overflowing inbox and cup of Nespresso coffee for me. At least there’s coffee, right?

The mornings may have been far less productive (in the best possible way) during our time in Nice, they were as marvellous as marvellous can be. Waking to the early sunshine drifting in through the shutters, and fresh French pastries and delicious coffee from a café down the road (thank you Brad!), our mornings were slow and fabulous.

While our spacious apartment was light and airy (I booked it through a website called Nice Pebbles), we spent as much time as possible lapping up the view on our third floor balcony. I mean, can you blame us with a view like that? It really had it all; sparkling turquoise water, super yachts, charming Old Town buildings and luscious mountains. We had truly found our kinda’ paradise, Australian style cappuccinos included, something we’d failed to discover during out time in Paris a couple of months ago.

Fast-forward back to the current day, I’m finally finishing editing our photos from this pinch-me trip to the Côte d’Azur and putting together a whole bunch of blog posts. I’ve already shared lots of moments on the @lioninthewild Instagram, but I really do feel like I’m able to tell a story in much more depth here on LIONINTHEWILD.COM. Plus, I’m really enjoying getting back to the basics of blogging and simply writing whatever I feel like again, and I hope you’ve been liking it too!

Until next time, au revoir!