Welcome to the New Era of Lion in the Wild

LOCATION: Paris, France


Where do I begin? I guess I should start with, I really really hope you’re digging the new website as much as I am! Truth be told, I had outgrown the last LIONINTHEWILD.COM many years ago and this project has been in the pipeline for longer than I care to admit. After many meetings, phone calls, email correspondence, online chats and shared Dropbox files, Brooke (AKA. One Tiny Horse) and I finally created what you see here; the new Lion in the Wild.

Unsurprisingly, a lot has changed in the six-years since I began Lion in the Wild (you can read more about its humble beginnings on the shiny new About Me page), not just within the role of a digital content creator, which didn’t even exist back then, but within myself as well. After all, haven’t we all grown and evolved, no matter our digits?

I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally share it with you. I invite you to explore, to read, to share and, most of all, to get lost within the world of Lion in the Wild. It’s feminine. It’s edgy. It’s aspirational, intelligent and personal. It’s the new chapter of my own personal diary, a woman who just wants to document the world around her in a creative yet intimate way. Whether it be style, beauty, life or travel, you can find it all on these pages.



Over the last couple of weeks, we found ourselves exploring the likes of London, Paris and Amsterdam, in a bid to not only see new parts of the world, but capture moments in which to launch the new Lion in the Wild. The images Brad and I curated were some of the best. Devastatingly, on the way home, I lost the hard drive harbouring our precious content from London and Paris. I was shattered to the point of sobbing. How could I have been so negligent? I gave myself a day to feel seriously sorry for myself and then I woke-up fresh the next, determined to focus on future creative pursuits and opportunities.

I was so grateful to find a few of our Parisian photo shoots and all our Amsterdam memories (including all client work, thank goodness) safely stored on my laptop. While I still feel such a loss, I’ve realised that we’re very rarely given the chance to start fresh. It’s not only an opportunity to look forward to future adventures, which are not far and few these days, but an excuse to return to the cities we’ve fallen in-love with and do it all over again, better.

Over the last six-years I have grown immensely, and I believe one of my strongest traits to be the acceptance of raw emotion with the ability to uncover positives within the negatives. Goodness knows I’ve made a-million-and-one mistakes since the beginning of Lion in the Wild, but every ‘failure’ has become a learning curve. My favourite right now is the ‘Back-up-every-single-file-on-the-go-on-as-many-systems-as-possible-Kiara’ lesson. It’s a goodie.

And so, I wait here in great anticipation to hear your thoughts on the new era of Lion in the Wild. After all, I wouldn’t be here without you, my truly amazing readers. I’m so flipping glad we get to go on this epic journey together.


I'm wearing:

Elwood Apparel white shirt, Abrand high-wasted jeans, CLUSE La Roche gold and white marble watch and Hotel Vernet slippers 🙈😂.