3 CLUSE European Summer Instagram Outfits


LOCATION: Eastern Europe
PHOTOGRAPHY: Michelle & Katherine (my besties!)


She’s back! Hello! Wow, I really wasn’t planning on taking such an extended leave of absence, but I’m here, I’m back and I’m ready to go again. I’ve spent the last month travelling from Berlin to Belgrade in (mostly) Eastern Europe, and while travel for me is often for work, this time I was officially on holiday with two of my best girlfriends. We’ve been lucky enough to travel together in the past, from New Zealand to Japan, but I never thought we’d all be able to align our schedules for a summer in Europe and it was glorious. Needless to say, I’m beyond grateful to have such beautiful friends in my life that enjoy travel as much as I do and take great outfit snaps.

Aside from the worst jet lag I’ve ever had, I’m roaring and ready to get back into it, starting with sharing three of my favourite summer looks from the getaway with my number one CLUSE, who was also my loyal companion during our adventures. You know me – no outfit is complete without CLUSE! After all, who doesn’t need a little bling in their everyday lives?

Outfit #1: Pretty in Poland

You already know how much I love pairing frilly dresses with tough boots, and this day was no exception. Knowing we’d be going to the picturesque Wawel Royal Castle in Kraków, Poland, which was probably my favourite town we visited. Styled with gold accessories from CLUSE, including the layered fine necklaces I hardly took off, I felt as close to a princess as I ever would prancing around the brightly blooming gardens. I mean, c’mon, look at how beautiful the gardens are with their pretty flowers! Have you ever seen so many? I was in heaven!

Since it was such a perfect summer day, and a hot one at that, I chose to wear my La Bohème Rose Gold watch in fresh white, which has been on high rotation all season long.


I’m wearing:
CLUSE LA BOHEME ROSE GOLD/WHITE watch, gold rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, PS the Label dress, Status Anxiety bag and Andy Scinger x Walnut Melbourne boots.



Outfit #2: Casual and Comfy

Another outfit from another perfect day in Kraków, Poland. Can you tell it was my favourite place yet? We spent an afternoon exploring the very pretty Main Square with its pastel washed buildings, charming café scene and mind-blowing gothic church at the centre of it all.

There was no better way to celebrate a day well done than with a bowl full of pasta and a refreshing Aperol spritz. Cheers! This was of course followed closely by my favourite European tradition, lemon gelato. You know what they say – a gelato away keeps the doctor away (and it really did work!). Oh my goodness, I’m still having dreams about the lemon cheesecake we had in Budapest. It was legit the best thing I’ve ever had. Yum, yum, yum! And here I am getting a little off track thanks to food again – my bad. 

I kept it casual and comfy this day with my favourite white tee and blue jeans combination, spiced up with my baker boy hat, a yellow scarf tied onto my everyday cross body bag and classic gold CLUSE watch. Needless to say, I most certainly did loosen my belt buckle during dinner. What can I say? I love pasta. All of the pasta.


I’m wearing:
CLUSE La Garçonne gold watch, The Fifth Label tee from Fashion BNKR, Abrand high-waist jeans, ASOS hat, vintage belt, Status Anxiety bag, Zara yellow scarf and Rag & Bone sneakers.



Outfit #3: Dusty Pink

Okay, okay. So, I’ll admit, this was the last day of our trip and I desperately needed to visit a laundromat. This is the part where I thank my good friend Michelle for letting me borrow her oversized dusty pink t-shirt, which I’m kind of in-love with. Maybe I did have a spare clean top and I just wanted to steal this one from her? Muhahaha.

We decided to enjoy a relaxing final day in Belgrade, Serbia, to wrap-up our incredible European adventure. After a much needed sleep-in and hair washing session (trust me, when you’re one of three women, you need to plan these things), we went to Kafeterija for brunch where we thoroughly appreciated the best coffee we’d had so far in Europe. To tell you the truth, it wouldn’t have been out of place in Australia, so we got a takeaway cappuccino for good luck. Heavenly.

The three musketeers then walked to the Bohemian street, Skadarlija, which had been recommended to us to visit during our time in Serbia. To say I was blown away by its Old town vintage charm would be an understatement. It was just too pretty with its cobblestone pavement, unlimited flower walls and rustic kafanas. We sat down to another long lunch at a busy kafana while the rain came down and reminisced on the all the fun we’d had. I must mention (and appreciate) the super friendly Serbian people we were lucky enough to meet and the super creamy mash potato I was fortunate enough to devour. In all seriousness though, Belgrade knows how to cook a good spud. 😂 

Aside from the borrowed t-shirt, I also rocked my go-to blue jeans that were one of the best pieces I packed, especially seeing as though European weather can be so unpredictable even in the summertime. The number one, most worn thing I packed was unsurprisingly my CLUSE La Garçonne watch that has been pretty much glued to my wrist since it launched months ago. Can you blame a girl?


I’m wearing:
CLUSE La Garçonne gold watch and necklace, Michelle’s t-shirt (thanks again!), Abrand high-waist denim, vintage belt, Status Anxiety bag and Rag & Bone sneakers.