Get Ready With Me: Date Night (with CLUSE)


LOCATION: Perth, Australia


Since we’re going to be spending a whole month apart (the longest by far we’ve been apart since we got together almost 7-years ago!) very soon, Brad and I decided it was the perfect time to book a much-needed date night. We booked a room at the new InterContinental Perth and treated ourselves to afternoon tea, cocktails, canapés and a romantic dinner. What can I say? We like food.

Even though it’s going to be terribly difficult to not see Brad for such an extended period, we’re both beyond excited for what’s to come when I get home from my travels; exploring new places together (of course), getting married(!!) and pursuing new ventures. I’m already dreaming of our first hug when we’re reunited at the airport!

So, to stop me getting anymore smooshy/lovey-dovey/corny, I’ve teamed up with CLUSE to share with you my date night Get Ready With Me routine.

1. Day-to-night makeup. 

The first thing I do when getting ready for a night out is freshen up and that includes my makeup. I amped up my beauty look with darker, smokier eyeshadow and extra lashings of mascara. Then I pumped up my pout in the prettiest nude pink shade and a swipe of gloss. Viola!

2. Style the outfit.

As we were having a staycation, my date night outfit was already planned (no last minute rushing around, destroying our wardrobe tonight!). It’s winter here in Perth, but we decided to stay in the hotel for the night, so I wore a pretty dress and boots to toughen up my look.

3. Accessorise (with bling!).

It’s time to swap out my leather strap CLUSE watch for something a little more elegant. The CLUSE La Garçonne watch with gold mesh and a white square face has been my go-to style since I got my hands on it and is the perfect date night piece, especially when paired with a few delicate gold bracelets. A staple in any look of mine in recent times, I also layered my favourite fine CLUSE necklaces to amp up my look.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, CLUSE launched a stunning range of earrings and rings to their already fabulous jewellery line-up this month. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was when I found out. I’m a bonafide CLUSE fangirl and proud of it. My date night look was complete with the CLUSE Hexagonal Hoop Earrings (aren’t they just so chic?!) and a few minimal gold rings from the new collection. Bling, bling.

4. Add a little volume.

My favourite way to revive my hair after a busy day (read: flat, dry tresses) is with an oomph of dry shampoo at the roots for fresh volume and a few small drops of hair oil rubbed through the ends. You might be surprised at how effective this can be, even on three-day hair.

5. The finishing touch.

A glass of champagne and a spritz of my favourite perfume (currently falling even more in-love with Le Labo Rose 31) later, and I’m ready to go!


I’m wearing:
CLUSE La Garçonne watch in Gold/White, CLUSE gold earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets, la maison talulah dress, Xnihilo clutch bag and Billini boots.