A Cosy Christmas Moment in Switzerland


Location: Interlaken, Switzerland
Photography: Brad Jarman
In collaboration with: CLUSE

We woke this morning to a fresh blanket of powdery white snow and clouds as low as the lake below, creating a mysterious world around us of which we could not see. After enjoying a cappuccino while wrapped up in the warm blankets of bed, we decided that instead of driving for hours to planned destinations around the area, we’d stay in and make the most of our traditional Swiss house and each others’ undivided attention. To me, it was the perfect schedule.

And so, we reluctantly rose out of bed mid-morning and retreated to the lounge, but not before making another coffee and devouring croissants. With the fire glowing and candles flickering in the shadows of a freezing winter’s day, Brad and I snuggled up together for our annual viewing of Love Actually as the clouds continued to thicken around our cosy cabin. At the conclusion of the busiest year of my life, with barely a moment to spare, we finally had time to reconnect and just be us.

I also took this moment to surprise him to an early Christmas present. While we usually give experiences (our Switzerland trip being one of those) to each other, I just knew I had to gift him with the Limited Edition CLUSE Gift Box For Him. You see, I’ve been a CLUSE ambassador for years now and Brad has been a big part of that; conceptualising and producing content, and has a developed a sense of awe for the brand as I have. When we were in Amsterdam earlier this year, Brad mentioned to the amazing CLUSE team how much he wished for a watch that would suit him, and so when I finally laid my eyes on the new Gift Box For Him, I knew it would be right up his alley, especially since both Gift Boxes come with a mesh and leather watch strap. And I was right, he loved it.

For the rest of the day we chatted non-stop about the Christmas and New Years break (we’re taking two-weeks off together to rejuvenate and enjoy the summer back home in Australia), our goals for 2019 and direction of our lives for the next five years (still undecided), and simple embracing every slow moment we have to Time to Reconnect.

Happy Holidays, my loves!

I’m wearing:
CLUSE La Garçonne watch from the Limited Edition Gift Box (with the leather strap) and rose gold bracelets, First Born Knit jumper, white shirt dress (old) and thigh-high socks.