A Magical White Christmas with CLUSE


Location: Zermatt, Switzerland
Photography: Brad Jarman and Kiara King
In collaboration with: CLUSE

Hello from Zermatt, Switzerland! Also known as our very own festive winter wonderland! Can you tell I was excited to be here? Yes, Christmas to me generally equates to the beach, a heatwave, lots of seafood and cute summer outfits (that’s Australia, for you), but it was so lovely to have an early taste of Christmas in the most magical location.

Rewind to the end of July; I was on my way home from a summer in Europe, high up in the air by my lonesome when I looked out the window and was greeted by the incredible sight of snowcapped mountains (in the middle of a hot summer!). They were the Swiss Alps, which I had wanted to see for so very long, and it was at that moment I decided that we must go there ourselves one day. A few months later, I’d booked the flights on a whim and before we knew it, winter had come around, and Brad and I were driving from Zürich to Zermatt, surrounded by the majestic Swiss Alps. It was a dream come true.

While in Zermatt, we swapped our snowboards for hiking boots and decided to make the most of our three-night stay by exploring the town and taking in its Christmas spirit. With fresh snow on the ground, perfect blue skies above and the infamous Matterhorn in the distance, we were pinching ourselves that we actually got to experience a December in such a wonderland.

On this particularly freezing day (it got down to -20°C while we were there!), we ventured into town with one objective; find a good cappuccino. Dressed in my winter best, including my new CLUSE La Garçonne watch in Rose Gold from the Limited Edition Gift Box complete with two straps (you know how much I’ve worn my gold La Garçonne over and over again), we stumbled upon a cosy spot in the middle of town where we enjoyed a coffee, fries (yum!) and people watching. Oh, and time together; Time to Reconnect, inspired by the CLUSE Christmas campaign.

You know how much I love giving experiences for gifts, which is why I fell head-over-heels for the CLUSE Time to Reconnect message. It’s all about, yes, giving the gift of a new timepiece (the Limited Edition boxes are just fabulous!), but also giving a piece of your time to a loved one. After all, there’s nothing better about the holiday season than spending time with your family and friends; the people who mean the most to you.

And so, while Brad and I watched the many people walking by – families, couples and friends – we also took in this beautiful moment together. Isn’t it just nice to be sometimes? Needless to say, this was the most perfect spot to embrace the Christmas spirit, warm our hearts with a hot coffee and our souls with each other’s company.


I’m wearing:
CLUSE La Garçonne watch in Rose Gold from the Limited Edition Gift Box (I’m wearing the mesh strap) and Bracelets, First Born Knits jumper, Forever. New jeans, ASOS baker boy cap and hiking boots, H&M scarf (old), Bailey Nelson sunglasses and Zara backpack.