How to Style the Teddy Bear Coat

Including two outfits I wore this week from UNIQLO.


Location: Perth, Australia
Photography: Brad Jarman
In collaboration with: UNIQLO

And just like that, the leaves are turning crispy orange and falling softly to the ground as another beautiful autumn settles in. It’s that wonderful time of the year in Australia when the sweltering heat has made way for cold mornings and sunny days (mostly), calling for easy layers.

Unsurprisingly, the teddy bear trend seems to have taken over my wardrobe this season and not just for days spent at home lazing cosily on the couch (although, for those as well, ‘cause it’s just so comfy!). At first I was sceptical about embracing the softer side, but that didn’t last past my first snuggle. Trust me when I say, there’s never been a comfier fad and I sure am glad it’s here to stay.

When it comes to my go-to coats, UNIQLO pretty much dominates (I swear my wool and cashmere blended coats from UNIQLO will be in my wardrobe for many years to come, if not forever), so it’s not completely unpredictable that their super soft version of the teddy bear coat, in all of its lush pile lined fleece goodness, made its way into my life. Wearing both as soon as I got them this week, I thought I’d share with you two ways I’ve styled the teddy bear trend below.

Outfit #1: The Beige Teddy

When it comes to the teddy bear trend, you really cannot beat the classic beige coat. Thrown over a head-to-toe off white look, including my lambswool crew neck sweater I’ve seemed to have worn a million times since acquiring it (seriously, UNIQLO basics are the best), the piled fleece coat transforms the look into one of casual elegance.

UNIQLO piled fleece coat in beige (go up a size for a more oversized look), crew neck sweater in off white, corduroy mini skirt in off white and cashmere scarf in off white, and old shoes.

Outfit #2: The Black Teddy

Of course, if you want to go a little more rock n’ roll, it’s the black version for you. Not completely oblivious to my nod to the Nights Watch, I’ve added smart and active elements to my look by layering a classic white shirt and donning a pair of white sneakers to my monochrome styling.

UNIQLO piled fleece coat in black, cashmere crew neck sweater in black, long sleeve shirt and skinny jeans, and old sneakers.