How to Stay Stylishly Warm in Winter


Home is where the beach is (so long as I’ve got my UNIQLO down, anyway).


Location: Perth, Australia
Photography: Brad Jarman
In collaboration with: UNIQLO

Well, look at us, enjoying the blue skies and sunshine, even if it was somewhat short lived. Yep, it’s currently raining again, but at least I have these photos as proof that the weather is usually beautiful here during the winter. This season though, it’s been the wettest we’ve had in over a decade apparently and it’s definitely not a bad thing.

As you know, we’ve been away for the last few weeks, so the first thing I did when we got back, aside from the usual Netflix catch-up, was walk to the beach. There’s no feeling quite like home or, in my case, the sound of the ocean crashing along my favourite place in the world.

I actually love the beach during the winter. Even though it’s cold, we often have the entire stretch of sand to ourselves, the perfect setting to enjoy a morning coffee and breathe in that fresh salty air. Plus, keeping warm isn’t hard when you’ve got a down jacket (I spoken more than a few times about how much I love my UNIQLO down!) and I’m all about my seamless down parka right now. You wouldn’t believe how much of a difference it makes on a chilly, windy day.

So you know, I ended up getting mine a couple of sizes bigger for extra comfort (and coolness, duh) as always. Goodness knows, I sure do love the oversized look, especially when it comes to my UNIQLO wardrobe staples! I paired it with my usual knit jumper, skinny jeans and sneakers look, adding a patterned scarf for extra warmth (it also unintentionally doubles as a throw, as you can see).

Since we’re only home for the week, Brad and I will definitely be making the most of it and wandering down to the beach as much as possible. Like I said, best feeling in the world.


I’m wearing:
UNIQLO down jacket in Black, knit jumper in Off White, skinny jeans (the ones I have been wearing non-stop) and Big Check scarf in Black, and old canvas sneakers.