She’s Back, She’s Ready, She’s Excited!


Let’s talk about the evolution of blogging in 2019 (or lack thereof).


Hello, hi, welcome. It’s been a while, that’s for sure. After seven years of blogging (has it really been that long?) it seems that 2019 has been the year I’ve stopped writing here consistently. Truth be told, this is my favourite little space on the internet; a place I get full creative control over. Every time I write here, create here, showcase here, I still feel like it’s my weekend hobby.

And you know what? It’s kind of therapeutic.

As convenient instantaneous content continues to rise (think: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest), it’s not uncommon to see your favourite blogger put an emphasis on these channels over their humble blog that begun as an amateur Blogspot template. Even as I visit my most-loved blogs, many of those are pushing a year since their last post.

It’s not a good thing or a bad thing, in all honestly. Many of those now focus their attention on their growing careers that have stemmed from the moment they begun sharing their life and their creations on the World Wide Web. They’re creative directors, brand founders, entrepreneurs and queens (and kings) of their very own empires. It’s nothing but impressive.

Those that continue to push out thrice weekly blog posts are creating some of the most awe-inspiring content I’ve ever seen. Their high quality, editorial style posts that still somehow remain personal and authentic have me weak at the knees.

As you can see, I’m most certainly guilty of somewhat neglecting or, as I’d say it, putting it on the back burner. Instead of pushing myself as I always have to create more, more, more, I’ve taken a step back from my work life over the past six-months to relax, rejuvenate and get excited again. Needless to say, it’s thoroughly worked in my favour because if there’s anything motivation and creativity don’t like, it’s burnout.

Now, I’m feeling it. I woke up this morning with that old familiar spring in my step. I danced in my chair listening to Pharrel, drinking my first coffee of the day, ticking off items on my to-do list and feeling damn good.

With that said, I’m going to leave you with that and, fingers crossed, I’ll see you again very soon.

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Photography: Brad Jarman

What blogs are your favourites?