City to Snow: 11 Outfits I Wore in Switzerland


How to stay stylish in below freezing weather.


I had such an overwhelmingly positive response to the winter outfits I wore in Switzerland on the @lioninthewild Instagram that I couldn’t not create a round-up of them all for you. Plus, I find these outfit round-up posts super helpful for when it’s time for me to put together a wardrobe, especially when I’m travelling to a new destination with a different climate.

I’ve already put together a bunch of these multi-outfit blog posts from snowy Japan and chilly London to hot Perth and sunny Europe, which I’ve linked at the end for you (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Oh, and if you want to see these outfits in action, make sure to you watch our Switzerland vlogs on YouTube!

Please note: Thermals are featured under each outfit. I am not that tough.

Outfit #1: Zurich Rooftops

It was our first glimpse of that glorious Zurich early morning light, so we quickly ran out onto the balcony to enjoy it, without realising that it had iced over during the night, narrowly avoiding slipping over (even with my new chunky hiking boots on!). Needless to say, we were simultaneously admiring the view and cracking up over our clumsiness.

You’ve probably seen me wearing most of these items before (I’m big on outfit repeating and sporting threads until they’re dead), and the lilac turtleneck jumper and textured dress are some of my favourites!

I’m wearing:
Assembly Label denim jacket, jumper from REVOLVE, DISSH tweed dress, Lovers & Friends belt, ASOS tights and hiking boots.

Outfit #2: Cosy in Old Town

The very best thing to do in a new city is explore on foot and take in all the sights and that’s exactly what we did in Zürich. We really loved the charming Old Town (like so many historic European cities), but decided against spending $40 on a cheeseburger – it certainly lived up to its ‘Most Expensive City in the World’ title.

I went for a classic winter combination for my outfit in the Banking Capital, wearing a whole lotta’ camel and black. This look also features some of the best fashion investments I’ve ever made: 1) the UNIQLO cashmere coat I first wore in Tokyo last year; 2) the ASOS wool scarf I’ll cosy up to over and over again; 3) the Acne Studios jeans that fit like perfection; and, 4) the Janessa Leone felt hat that never fails to complete an outfit.

Watch the vlog from this day here. 🎥

I’m wearing:
UNIQLO coat, ASOS scarf, One Palm plain black t-shirt, Acne Studios skinny jeans, Janessa Leone hat, Bailey Nelson sunglasses, Zara backpack and ASOS hiking boots.



Outfit #3: The Lookout

Did I tell you that Brad planned this whole trip, bar the flights? I have this whole thing where I ‘book now and worry about the rest later’, so when we were a week out and I was in South Africa with limited WIFI, Brad took the reins and he did real good. He also found this amazing lookout in Zürich, where we spent our final evening admiring the beautiful city. Isn’t it stunning?

I made my go-to white tee and blue denim look a little more winter appropriate with a warm coat and scarf, and thermals, obviously.

Watch the vlog from this day here. 🎥

I’m wearing:
Shilla coat, UNIQLO white t-shirt, Abrand boyfriend jeans, ASOS baker boy cap, Acne Studios scarf, 3.1 Phillip Lim crossbody bag and Rubi Shoes sneakers.

Outfit #4: Road trippin’

For our day driving through the Alps from Zürich to Zermatt, I made sure to wear comfortable layers I could put on and take off as we made stops along the way, like my cashmere coat and the scarf I bought years ago (sorry guys – similar style here!).

And we did make more than a few stops – no surprises there! An hour out of the city we found ourselves surrounded by mountains and snow, so I chucked on my layers and danced in the snow until my feet froze (it was really cold!). We had no idea that the prettiest part was still to come.

Watch the vlog from this day here. 🎥

I’m wearing:
UNIQLO coat, Rebecca Minkoff jumper, Forever New jeans, ASOS baker boy cap, Bailey Nelson sunglasses, H&M scarf, Zara backpack, Roll reusable water bottle and ASOS hiking boots.



Outfit #5: The Mountain hike

One chilly morning in Zermatt, we decided to get a better view of the almighty Matterhorn and hiked up the mountain to a pretty little ski village. There’s a reason I resemble the Michelin Man, but the way. Before we left Perth, it was forecast to get down to a cold -5°C, but on this hike it got down to -20°C. It has been years since I felt that unbearably freezing, even with all the layers. Even the steep, long hike wasn’t enough to keep my limbs from going numb. Yikes!

Oh, and if you ever do find yourself in the snow for extended periods of time, the best investment you’ll ever make is a waterproof jacket like the one I’m wearing. I bought it in Canada over six years ago(!!) and I’ve worn it so much since then, despite living in Perth.

I’m wearing:
FourSquare snowboarding jacket, Acne Studios jeans, beanie and scarf, Bailey Nelson sunglasses, ASOS mittens and Timberland boots.

Outfit #6: Elegant in Zermatt

As a snowboarder, whenever I find myself in the snow I usually adopt a ‘the bigger and baggier, the better’ rule (proof here), but since this time we weren’t shredding the slopes due to a lack of time, I decided to mix my snow style up. I really enjoyed wearing this more elegant look, especially with the stunning Swarovski pieces like the crystal earrings and snowflake pendant. How very festive of me!

I’m wearing:
ASOS coat and hiking boots, Lovers & Friends jumper, Forever New jeans, Swarovski jewellery, Zara backpack and ASOS hiking boots.



Outfit #7: Apres skiing

We ventured into the Zermatt town centre one day in search of a delicious cappuccino (always a difficult task when travelling), and after a couple of fails, we settled in at this cute outdoor aprés ski cafe. And yep, the coffee was delicious! And the fries. Nom nom.

It was actually -17°C this day, so I wore my new cable knit jumper by First Born Knits. It’s chunky and it’s warm, but thermals were needed and an extra layer on top. Just being real over here!

I’m wearing:
First Born Knits jumper, Forever New jeans, ASOS baker boy cap and hiking boots, Bailey Nelson sunglasses, Zara backpack, H&M scarf and CLUSE watch.

Outfit #8: Snow Leopard

When I packed my faux fur jacket in my suitcase, Brad could hardly hide his disgust. He was not a fan. In true Kiara style, I wore it anyway and slowly convinced him to come to the dark side. In the end, he even admitted to liking the outfit almost as much as me.

You may also be able to spot the Led Zeppelin t-shirt I bought when I was 16-years-old from a record store. What can I say? I’m a long term rocker girl.

I’m wearing:
Cotton On faux leopard coat, Forever New jeans, ASOS baker boy cap, gloves and hiking boots, and Zara backpack.



Outfit #9: Snug in Pink

Snug as a bug in a rug. Or a pink cable knit sweater. Either way. We spent our final morning in Zermatt exploring the outskirts of the town, which is spotted with charming snow cabins and has incredible views no matter where you find yourself. It really was the perfect last moment in this pretty little ski town. I’m missing it already!

I’m wearing:
Lulus pink jumper, Forever New jeans, Acne Studios beanie, Zara backpack and Rubi sneakers.

Outfit #10: snowy days

After a few days in Interlaken, Brad and I drove to two of the prettiest spots in all of Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald. I stayed cosy warm in my textured cocoon coat from ASOS (a trip favourite and will definitely be coming with me on my next winter adventure), an old camel knit jumper and the softest mittens.

To say that Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald were magnificent would be a huge understatement. We drove around unable to stop gasping at the incredible views around us, of stark rock and snowcapped mountains that jutted into the cloudy sky. Wow, wow, wow.

I’m wearing:
ASOS coat, scarf, mittens and hiking boots, Lovers & Friends jumper, Forever New jeans and Janessa Leone hat.



Outfit #11: Punk rocker

On our last morning before flying home, we explored the charming city of Lucerne. The weather was forecast to by sunny, but the thick fog engulfed the city and there wasn’t a patch of blue sky to be seen. It was the perfect time to finally pull out my party pants in all of their tartan glory. Styled with a cap, leather and chunky boots, I felt like a real punk rocker. Well, kinda’.

I’m wearing:
UNIQLO coat and turtle neck jumper, Acne Studios leather biker jacket, ASOS pants, baker boy cap and hiking boots, Zara backpack and CLUSE watch.